What are the factors that determine vehicle shipping quotes?

There are many factors that determine vehicle shipping quotes. Those of you who are looking for vehicle shipping services, you must know these factors as it would help you save money on the same.

The major factor that determines the auto shipping quote is the total distance that needs to be covered. If a car is moving from New York to Florida, the vehicle shipping cost would be less compared to the cost of moving the car from New York to Canada. Long distances add to the fuel expenses, freight charges, and toll tax being borne by the vehicle shipping company for shipping your car and therefore they charge you more.

The second factor that decides the rate of vehicle shipping is the make and model of the car. The rate for shipping a normal car, motorcycle, van or SUV is far less than what is charged for moving an antique or vintage car. Vintage car and antique cars need special care and hence the rate is more.

The condition of the vehicle is the third factor that determines its shipping quote. If the vehicle is not in working condition and it needs to be pushed on to the vehicle carrier, the vehicle shipping quote would be more. But if the car is in good condition and it can be easily driven onto the carrier, the vehicle shipping company would charge you less for that.

The size and weight of the vehicles also decide their vehicle shipping quotes. A large sized vehicle that is bulky in weight would cost more than a small, compact vehicle. This is because large vehicles take more space, leaving little scope for other vehicles to come onto the carrier. The auto shipping companies therefore charge more for shipping such vehicles.

Lastly, the value of the vehicles also plays a crucial role in deciding their shipping quotes. Expensive vehicles need added insurance coverage for their safety and security and therefore the vehicle shipping quotes is more for them compared to normal and affordable vehicles. 

When you are comparing vehicle shipping quotes, keep all these factors in mind. The providers of vehicle shipping services would ask you to refurbish them all such details regarding the make and model of your car, the condition of your car, its value, the pick up and drop off city, date, and time when you want to avail the vehicle shipping services, and so on and so forth. If you want to save money on vehicle shipping quotes, get quotes from several companies and compare them thoroughly. By shopping around and comparing, you can save a lot on vehicle shipping.

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