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Now that you have finished at secondary school, and are wanting to further your education, you have another choice to make.  This of course is what to study, and most importantly where to study your chosen subject.  As this is one of the most life changing important decisions, it should not be taken lightly.  This is where come in.  With the access to many different universities and courses, your choices for study abroad are immense.

Let us suppose you want to be a language student?  Where better to go to learn the language than the country itself.  Many of the courses in Russia are taught in the Russian Language, so if you want to learn Russian in Russia then you have found the most helpful resource around.  Edu-Russia can help you plan and decide which university you want to study Russian in Russia at.  With so many to choose from you will soon find yourself immersed in the language and culture, learning Russian in Russia is the quickest and best way to learn the Russian language.

Many students find that the best way to learn the Russian language is to study abroad – in other words, outside of their home country.  By studying Russian in Russia, you will get the best of both worlds.  This means a first class education and qualification, which is recognised worldwide, and the first hand experience of the culture and people of Russia.  Students who study abroad in Russia enjoy the experience and leave knowing they have earned a proper recognised degree that will be useful to them in their career progression.

What are the advantages to learning Russian in Russia as opposed to learning Russian in your own country?  Apart from the fact that the teachers will be native Russians, meaning that the pronunciation, grammar and accent will be correct.  You will find that the people are very friendly and those that choose to study abroad and learn Russian in Russia have the best possible education by studying in the country where the language is predominate.

Edu-Russia has a first class system, and will guide you through the process you need to obtain all the necessary documentation, which will enable you to learn Russian in Russia, or to study abroad if this is your desired location.  Learning the Russian language is not as hard as you may think, and by choosing to study abroad you are gaining a super start to your working life.  Having a foreign language qualification always helps when looking for a career, even if it doesn’t involve using the skills in your working life.

Most people choose the standard languages of French, Spanish and German, if you opt to study Russian in Russia you are showing any future employers that you are different from your peers.  Not only will you have learnt the Russian language, but you will be showing that you can be independent of your peers, your family and your friends by gaining such a wonderful experience.


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  1. John

    I want to study russian in russia

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    Very useful, I will be applying right away :-)

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