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This is to ensure you will arrive with other students as a group, giving you the opportunity to make early friendships. Our representatives/agents will meet you at the airport, then you will be taken to your transfer transport. This will take you to your accommodation where you will place your luggage in your allocated room. Following this you will be taken (by our representative) to the university where you will sign the contract and complete any additional paperwork as needed.

Services for Students (not limited to):- Arrange the official admission letter from your chosen university
- Deposit the course fee with the Department of Higher Education in Russia
- Arrange the visa support letter from the Department of Higher Education in Russia, if required
- Arrange your transfer from the airport of arrival
- Assist with Immigration Clearance in Russia
- Arrange accommodation in a university hostel
- Arrange your Student ID card, hostel card and your International Student card
- Help you open a bank account with a Russian International Bank
- Help you with visa support during the entire period of study in Russia
- Arrange for a separate room for female students
- Arrange a city exploration so you can familiarise yourself with the local environment
- Give guidance and information to you regarding the various universities and faculties
- Help you with communication and liaise between yourself and the universities
- Offer you travel related services including Visa Issuing and Medical Insurance
- Provide you with detailed information about the country and other relevant information
- Assist your parents with their visa and hotel bookings for any visits they make to see you during your period of study
- Assist you with the admission procedure and relevant information regarding the course/faculty and the institute you are studying at
- Assist you with obtaining accommodation in university hostel
- Provide your parents with information on your successful admission, and regular progress reports during your study period
- If your parents wish to visit you during the study period, we will help them obtain a visa and any travel arrangements
- Arranging the Medical Insurance Policy to cover emergency medical expenses in Russia
- We will give guidance and unlimited time to your questions
- We will correspond between the student and university
- Keep you up to date with the progress of your application
- Ensure quick response time from universities to individual applications
- Assist with obtaining your student visa
- Assist you with housing, reception at the airport and the final steps prior to boarding
- Offer you our preferred travel agent for individual and group flights
- Organise and run information sessions for potential students, family and friends throughout the year.
- Arrange pre-departure information sessions
Additional services- Offer you guidance on student loans available and also the processes involved in obtaining a bank loan.
- Provide you with detailed information on Russia and other relevant information
- We will help you to evaluate your degree in Russia (for Doctoral and Postgraduate Applicants)
- Assist your parents with Visa and hotel bookings should they wish to visit you during your period of study
- Assist with local registration
- Assist with necessary insurance
- Translation servicesSpecial Services for Parents and VisitorsAs Russia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with many different types of cities, this makes it ideal for travelling and tourism. Many people visit Russia every year and enjoy their stay. can help with the travel part, assisting parents, friends and other visitors with many different services, such as:- Obtain and send the travel invitation
- Reserve a hotel room and other attractions/dining arrangements for you
- Arrange the transfer from airport to hotel
- Arrange for a car and driver for the duration of the trip
- Arrange for a private translatorNeed assistance? Contact us today!

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