International Students

International Students in Russia

International students mean someone who is from one country but is studying in another country. Any kind of study counts, college, university, post graduate, masters degree etc. Some international students will be on an exchange basis between the country they are studying in and their home country, others will be direct students who have made the arrangements to study there on their own (as in, not on an exchange programme).

Why study abroad?

Being an overseas student requires you to travel to a different country for the purposes of furthering your education. This is obviously not a decision to be taken lightly and should not be done on a whim. Considering that it may be more expensive to study abroad rather than in your home country this leads to the interesting question of why do it. Just some of the more common reasons are listed below.

Scholarship Award

This could be in the form of an exchange programme or a direct scholarship award based on the academic achievements of the student from governmental or non-governmental organizations. As the fees are normally paid with a scholarship, this can be a large incentive in the choice to study abroad.

Study a Foreign Language

Some students, who want to study a foreign language, in an effort to increase their knowledge base and language skills, opt to study in the country of the language they wish to learn.

Specialized training

Some countries have better proven track records with records to certain courses or disciplines, and sometimes what you wish to study is not available in your home country so you look abroad to find the course you need. Either way, students are free to choose to travel abroad to study the field of their choice.

Lack of universities at home

It is also known that in some countries there are not enough educational facilities for those wishing to study post secondary school. Often this will lead students who are keen to study but unable to secure a place at an educational establishment within their home country to look abroad.


Most of the certificates issued by International establishments often count as higher value than one from your home country, as it shows you have left your comfort zone and done something different to normal. Because of this lots of students choose to study abroad as it increases their future prospects.

Ease of Admission

In some cases, students find it much easier to gain admission on their chosen course at a university abroad rather than in their home country. This is often seen in developing countries, where the distribution of educational facilities is still developing, so there is often a lack of suitable places.


It is also seen as a sign of prestige and affluence, if a parent can send their child abroad to study. A lot of students fall into this section, which shows the position in society of their parents.

Whatever the reason, there are many advantages and challenges to being an international student, below are just some of them.


Quality education and skills training
International Exposure
Wider job opportunities
Internationally recognized degree
Multi cultural friendship and network


Cultural differences
Weather and climate differences
Distance from home

The experiences and qualifications gained as an international student open many new horizons for the student. Close ties with fellow international students from different countries could create lifelong friendships and professional collaboration across borders. Above all, international students are highly regarded as highly professional and skilled to be able to compete anywhere., assist international students to secure admission into affordable educational institutions, schools and Universities, in Russia for study. We provide a free pre-assessment service, customized to the applicant’s request contact us today.

Russian Health Insurance

Many health insurance policies already include international coverage. So it is very likely you wont actually need to spend extra money on coverage. Do check with your own insurance company to see if you will be covered already. Should you need assistance in obtaining an insurance policy to cover you whilst in Russia, do please get in touch

You will need to send us a copy of the letter from your insurance company that states you will be covered during your period of study in Russia, along with a copy of your insurance card. Both these documents must have your name on, and this has to be done no later than 60 days prior to your departure.

It is your responsibility to arrange for death, accident, theft, personal liability and medical travel insurance that will cover you during your period of study in Russia. You must remember that the host family, school or ourselves will be able to provide you with any money in the event of emergency, accident, illness or injury.

If you are unable to provide proof of a valid insurance plan, this will be considered as your voluntary withdrawal from the programme. You are not able to participate in any programme without a valid insurance certificate.

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