Why Russia?

Why Study Abroad in Russia?

Russia has always been a leader in the education field, especially medicine, engineering and other sectors. You will find that studying in Russia is value for money, simple and flexible. You will find that this is also the only way most people can afford to immerse themselves in the Russian culture.

Why Russia?

The Russian Federation (as it is now known) is located in the Eastern part of Europe and the Northern part of Asia. It is one of only two countries that actually span both Europe and Asia. The capital city is Moscow, and has an area of approximately 17075.4 sq km. Population is around 144 million and this is at a density of approximately 8.7 people per sq km. Looking at the overall world population The Russian Federation has 2.6% of the whole worlds population. Unsurprisingly, the official language is Russian. Over 100 different religions are freely practised within the Russian Federation. The main ones being Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

On the North West border are Norway and Finland, on the Western border are Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. To the South-West you will find Ukraine, to the South you will find Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The South-East border is where you will find the Asian countries of China, Mongolia and Korean People’s Democratic Republic (North Korea)

Because the Russian Federation comprises 22% land territory, this makes it the largest country in the world. We are the 6th most populated country and our literacy rate is one of the best in the world . We also have the richest mineral resources of oil, gas, gold, diamond, coal and many more. Due to the scientific potential and the fundamental education system creating a background for our technical achievements, this was also the foundation of our industrial production and space exploration and research.

There are 4 seasons in the Russian year, and these are very easy to differentiate due to being very different from each other. The seasons are obviously Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In Summer the temperature average is +20 C, in the Autumn it becomes cooler with ranges being from +10 C to -5 C. In Winter it is very cold the temperature ranges from -15 C to -20 C, finally in Spring the range is -5 C to +15 C. Because of the size of the country, the climate does vary depending on which part you are in. Flying from one area to another within the country can take you 14 hours.

The Russian Federation head of state is the President. He/She is elected every four years by a universal, secret ballot. The President is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. The Federal Assembly is the representative and legislative body for the Russian Federation. The Russian Government is headed by a chairman who is appointed by the President.

The structure of Education within Russian Federation is fairly simple. Firstly you have Pre school education; this is the system of education used up to the age of 6. Primary Education is next, this is 4 years and is from Class 1 to Class 4. Secondary School is 5 years, from Class 5 to Class 9. Then you have Advanced Education from Class 10 to Class 11, so 2 years.

Higher education is when you study for your degree, and consists of the Bachelor Degree (awarded after 4 years of study and successful completion), Specialist qualification with the chosen speciality (awarded after 5 to 5 and a half years), and the Master degree (award after 2 years study and successful completion of the Bachelor degree). The only difference to these are the Medical specialities which are:

General Medicine, Paediatrics, and Veterinary Sciences. These courses are for 6 years, the degree is awarded as

Dentistry, Clinical Psychology and Pharmacy. These courses are for 5 years, the degree is awarded as

Nursing. This course is 2-3 years, the qualification is awarded as

Ever since the formation of the USSR, Russia has had an education system that is both strong and well developed in terms of quality and quantity. Our education system is known worldwide for the strong tradition of teaching and training qualified experts. While keeping this great tradition alive, our education system also keeps track to changes in requirements internationally and updates the processes and courses as needed. Our scientific and technical achievements, which are world famous, were made with the top notch Russian research and educational systems. Our country and education system have always been popular with foreign students looking to earn higher education qualifications due to the low cost tuition fees and the international prestige of our qualifications.

Our participation in the creation of the Joint European Area of Higher Education ensures the mutual recognition of Russian degrees in Europe and this applies the other way round as well, this makes obtaining a degree from a Russian University a very attractive proposition for foreign students. This European Annex to our National Degrees by leading universities in Russia means that there is great competitiveness between Russian graduates within the local, national and international labour markets. Joining the Bologna Process has ensured the recognition of Russian degrees all over the world.

Our modern International policy has led to the development of a close co-operation of many foreign specialists for international higher education at both federal and regional levels. The most important document Russia signed in the education field was the Convention of Recognition of Qualifications. This guarantees that Russian Degrees are accepted by all signing countries and vice versa.

By looking at this website, you are already on the way to setting yourself apart from the majority of other students, most will never study abroad and will only see the world from television, the internet or at most, as a tourist. We hope this website will put you on your way towards your international education experience. There are a variety of programs suitable, as we offer summer, quarter, trimester, semester and yearly study programs in Russia. Because of this you are bound to find the ideal programme for yourself. Edu-Russia.com offers courses for credit through institutions in Russia. Exploring the website is the first step to obtaining the many valuable benefits of an international education.

Studying in Russia aboard for a summer or a year will give you a fresh perspective on yourself, your home country and the world. By living in a foreign country, you are constantly challenging yourself in many new and exciting ways, you will also gain a level of independence that you may never know you had. Studying abroad will expose you to diverse cultures, languages and viewpoints of the host country. You will also experience a way of life that is different from you home country, you will become immersed in the language, the culture and experience things you would never normally do as a tourist, as you will be (although for a short time only) a resident of the host country.

All these things can be achieved whilst you are earning credit towards your current degree. Edu-Russia.com allows you to earn up to a year of language credit in only one semester or quarter. So, not only can you work towards fulfilling your language requirements while abroad, you can also fulfil several general requirements by opting for electives. You could find that when you return to your home country, you are actually ahead of your peers who stayed behind.

In today’s competitive job market, it is essential you can stand out from the crowd. Having international education experience is a great way to do this. It is an incredible resume booster as it shows employers that you are motivated, independent, and generally more qualified. Also, by gaining foreign language skills you will find more job opportunities open to you that would otherwise pass you by.

The staffs at Edu-Russia.com are excited to bring you all these wonderful benefits of a study abroad experience. Congratulations on taking the first step to one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

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