Quoting Engine ? A Research & Lead Generation Tool


You can view a quoting engine from two different angles. From one perspective, it’s a research tool. On the other hand, it can also be an instrument to unearth more prospect customers. These opposing views are held by the buyer and the seller. To know more on how a simple WordPress quoting engine can be perceived as two different things, read on. Discover too from which side you are coming from.

For buyers, they use this plugin to research on a product or service they want to avail of. You must understand that while prospects may be interested in a certain item, they often lack the courage to inquire about it. This is especially true when the item in question is somewhat embarrassing – say a piece of lingerie and the sales person is a man. That’s how a quoting engine becomes a great research tool.

Installed on WordPress-based sites, this plugin allows the user to get a quote or an estimate of a product or service. It does so in a way that users merely need to click from options and they will get the estimate instantly. There is no need to talk to the store owner or the salesman. This also gives them the flexibility to push through or back out without feeling any pressure from the seller. Best of all, the using the WordPress quoting engine enables them to conveniently and privately research on prices of items they desire.

On one end, the tool can also be used by the buyer in gathering or generating leads. A lead is simply the contact information of a prospect who is interested in a product. It can be as simple as an email address or a phone number and a first name or nickname. How does it result in the discovery of prospect buyers for the seller? The secret lies in a quoting engine feature called “web form.”

Also called an opt-in form, a web form is a simply form on a webpage. It is where prospects enter their contact information (the lead). What a lot of buyers do is they allow the free use of the quoting engine. But to view the result, users need to enter a valid email address or phone number. Interested parties won’t mind leaving their lead especially if it will allow them to conduct a “stealth research” on the product or service they desire. What’s more, receiving email communication from the seller also means being able to know more about that product.














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