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Tips and Advices, some Important Russian Laws…


Illegal possession of controlled substances (drugs) in Russia is subject to prosecution by law. The penalties for possession vary. Any type of illegal drug use whilst in Russia could have serious consequences. You could have to pay fines or go to jail if you are caught using illegal drugs, or even if you are with people who have drugs.


You must be over 18 to legally drink in Russia, if you are under 18 and found around alcohol you could be arrested and subject to fines. In addition, if you buy any alcohol for someone under 18 you can also be arrested and subject to fines. Drinking alcohol in public areas is also illegal in many areas. You will have to pay fines if you are found guilty.

Driving whilst intoxicated, driving under the influence

Do NOT drive a car if you have been drinking alcohol, and do not get into a car if the driver has been drinking alcohol. Not only is your safety in danger, but laws are very strict. You may have to pay a penalty or go to jail if found guilty.

Local Law Enforcement

Like most countries, Russian laws vary. It is very important you should become familiar with and obey the local laws in the town or city where you live. During the busy season the population in the resort towns may grow substantially. To enable them to maintain order, the local police will often enforce strongly minor laws, usually the ones that cover alcohol consumption, noise levels, and group gatherings. Your best source of information will be


Russians are likely to be much less tolerant of smoking than in other countries. It is illegal to smoke in many public areas, so check around before you light up. No smoking signs are usually posted in clear visible locations. Smoking is also restricted in office buildings, restaurants, public transport, amongst other places.


Edu-Russia has a 24-hour emergency support line for programme participants. Emergencies include the following
1- Death or medical emergency
2- If you have been a victim of crime
3- Arrests
4- Urgent Counselling

Call 102 for the police or other emergency service. You will be asked questions, try to answer them as carefully as possible and as clearly as you can. Police, medical or fire crews will be sent to your location.

Non emergency issues

For any other concerns you may contact us during office hours. Non-emergency issues we can help with during the daytime include

1- Housing concerns
2- Basic legal information
3- Victim of a theft or other non-violent crime
4- Employee/employer concerns
5- Forwarding your student card
6- Registrations
7- General information about housing

Jobs in Russia

Foreign students in Russia will need permission from the authorities to enable you to work. This applies to both full and part time jobs

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