Social life

Social life in Russia

Your options for leisure social life activities will depend on where you choose to study.

Bigger cities and towns will naturally have more to offer than smaller ones. On the other hand, the latter may have resources not available to bigger cities, including opportunities for outdoor activities.

Where you choose to study will obviously depend on your personal preference. However Russian tend to be active and sporting activities are popular among students.

Sporting clubs and societies organize a wide range of activities on campus at most universities and university colleges. Taking part in these activities is probably the best way to meet new people and take a break from studying.

Other natural meeting points are clubs and pubs on and around campus.

Many of these serve drinks and food at affordable prices. The legal age for drinking in Russia is 18. Some establishments – mainly in the bigger cities – may only admit people over 21 or 23 years of age.

A lot of people go out at the weekend, and there can be long queues from early on outside the more popular places. Some nightclubs charge an entrance fee, usually ranging from 10$ USD to 20$ USD.

To find out where to go just ask a fellow Russian student or pick up a copy of your local newspaper.

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