Study in Russian Universities Features and Advantages

• Russia is home for Advanced Quality Education
• Internationally recognized courses. Courses approved by UNESCO, WHO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, and many more
• Highly cost effective
• European Life Standard
• Global acceptance of Russian method of teaching
• English medium of instruction
• Excellent job prospects
• Specialized emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching
• Renowned international faculty
• Good transport system
• International students enjoy a discount on travel
• Enrichment of experience due to visiting professors from USA, CANADA, UK etc.
• Student participation in seminars/work experience etc. in other European cities
• Three months of summer work in the vacations in countries like UK, SWEDEN, etc.
• Opportunity of permanent residency and settlement in Europe after the completion of the study program
• 100% VISA assured for deserving candidates
• Cost benefits

Summer Jobs

During the summer holidays, students can participate in summer jobs in various parts of Europe, like the United Kingdom and Sweden. Details of summer job opportunities will be provided to the students.


Most of the courses are globally accepted. Many courses are accredited and recognised by WHO, UNESCO, European Council, USA and Canada etc.

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