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Transfer to Russia university can be quick. has a dedicated transfer co-coordinator to help with the transition. It is your one-stop-shop to get all your questions answered about the classes you are currently taking and how they will transfer.

Students with transfer credit, who apply to study in Russia, must submit scans from the original documents listed below.

- Official academic transcripts from previously attended colleges and/or universities (if any).
- School certificates
- Application Form
- International Passport
- Admission fees payment confirmation accepts qualified transfer students from other accredited universities.

Universities in Russia operate on a semester system. Admission will be based on overall academic record. Some programmes are very competitive and the requirement for consideration is likely to be higher than other programmes.

Deadlines accepts new students all year round. We have a rolling admission system, this means that we can accept and review applications on a rolling basis as they are received up until the start of term. However, students are encouraged to start their application process as soon as possible to ensure their ability to start in your desired term and to take full advantages of the opportunities available.

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Some of available course for transfer:

Aeronautic Engineering
Aircraft engineering
Accounting and Audit
Banking & Finance
Business Administration
Civil Engineering
Computer & Software Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Systems and Networks
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Ecology & Environment Protection
Economics and Marketing
Economics & cybernetic
Food Technology
Fire safety
General Electrical Engineering
Hotel management & Tourism
Information Technology
Information Systems and Technologies
Industrial Engineering
International Law
Medicine and Surgery
Medical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Marine Engineering
Mining and Electrical Mechanics
Mining and Geology
Navigation & Air Traffic Control
Oil and Gas Engineering
Surveying & Geo-informatics
Veterinary Medicine
Zoo Engineering

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