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Admission to any Russian university begins with the receipt of an official admission/invitation letter. Original of this letter is forwarded to the Russian consulate in the student’s host country. This confirms that the student is eligible and has been granted permission to study in a particular university.

In order to be eligible and receive admission into Russian University the student has to meet a set of criteria.

The section on required documents covers this.

Once this step is completed, the student begins the process to obtaining a student visa, if applicable and preparing for their life-changing trip.

On arrival, the student completes the necessary registration requirements and medical check-ups. When completed the university issues a student identification and hostel entry permit card to the student, which finally completes the admission process to Russia university Apply Here

Academic activities in any Russian university starts between 1st September and end of February each year. Students that will be studying in English language are expected to have arrived and completed all necessary registration documentation in time. However, students that will be studying in native Russian language are allowed to arrive a bit later for the one-year programme. This can sometimes be extended, but notice is required to do so.

Lectures in any Russian University are offered in either English language or native Russian for Russian nationals, the native language is mandatory. Foreign students have a choice of either the native language or English language. However, although most courses are offered in English language, there are still some that are not available in English. In these circumstances, the foreign language student will undergo a one-year language programme. A separate certificate of proficiency in the language is awarded to the student upon graduation.

Foreign students studying in any Russian university, will fall under one of the following three study programmes

Undergraduate Programme
Postgraduate Programme
Doctorate Programme
Research Programme

Most undergraduate programmes run for a period of four (2-4) academic years. Medical courses are however, an exception. Students have a choice of continuing to a master’s degree after the completion of the undergraduate programme. The duration of the master degree course will depend on the student’s grades in the undergraduate programme.

Postgraduate programme is based on completed undergraduate programme. Students of the same university almost always have an automatic offer of postgraduate continuation, depending on their academic performance. For transfer students they will have to provide authenticated evidence of a completed undergraduate programme, including their undergraduate project work, result transcript and certificate.
Students in any Russian university normally reside in hostel accommodation provided by the university. This is usually situated close to the lecture classes. As a student studying in a Russian university, you must be academically active. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding non-serious students. Missed classes, for whatever reason, must be compensated for with extra hours of work.

Successful admission to any Russian university is a step forward towards achieving your academic dreams, whilst safeguarding your future and prospects of a professional career. It is rewarding, safe and cost effective.

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