Fees and costs in Russia - Tuition fees

Knowing what costs await you can help you prepare and budget for your studies. Here we’ve collected the most common costs:

Tuition and application fees

Tuition fees for bachelors, master’s, and PhD programs and courses, vary depending on the university level, time of applying, and places available.

However, Accredited Universities set their own fees, and the fees are vary from a university to another.

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Medicine Insurance

If you are a student living in Russia, you must have medicine insurance during your enrolment in a study program.

Literature and textbooks

The required reading is often extensive and students usually have to collect their study books, or from libraries, for Free at no extra charges. Teachers also prepare and hand out their own compendiums.

Living expenses

In addition to university fees, you will need to cover your living expenses during your study period, which amount to approximately 60-100$ USD per month.

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