How to Apply

How to study in Russia?

How to apply in Simple Steps…

Step one

As a student wishing to study in any higher education establishment in Russia, you should complete the online application form for your FREE counseling service. You will be given all the necessary information relating to studying in Russia and general information on the country. will make every effort to answer any questions you or your parents may have about studying in Russia. However, you must take all necessary steps to satisfy yourself that you are eligible for study in Russia.

Step two

Once you have satisfied yourself that studying in Russia is for you, you should make the application using our online Application Form. Places in the higher education establishments are offered on a first come first serve basis (subject to the decision of the university and your marks achieved), because the places are limited. You will need to submit all required documentation at the time of application and your processing fee.

Step three

Once the documents are submitted to you must ask your bank for the payment confirmation of the admission fees in case you are accepted by the university. will contact you to let you know the status of your application.

Step four

Once your application is accepted by, you must pay your admission fees as this confirms your place at the required university. The original letter and invoice are sent to you via courier, after you confirm payment of the tuition, hostel and insurance fees.

Step five

When you receive the visa invitation, you must contact the nearest Russian Embassy and make arrangements to have the visa stamped into your passport. Please remember that the nearest Embassy may not be in your home country.

Step six

You can now start packing, making sure that you are available to travel as stated to you by the representative. Also, make sure that all necessary documentation as detailed on the website has been completed.

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