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Intelligence and hard work are vital components to professional and personal success. Unfortunately many people don’t have access to quality education opportunities. Helping single and working mothers gain education is one way to help prevent the cycle from repeating. The Scholarships for Moms incentive is a program that helps mothers realize their education potential. The Obama-approved program began in 2009 as a way to help send stay-at-home and working moms back to school. The money comes from the federal Pell Grant program, and the $ 5,000 award can be used at schools of all types. With the $ 5,000 moms can pay for tuition and books or other things like travel costs or childcare. The goal is to make going to college or university much more accessible. There are plenty of areas for women to focus their studies if they enroll in school. College and university majors of all kinds are open and available to study. Education and science are a couple of examples of common study areas that can begin a strong career path. If you are willing to take some chances, you may find success in places you didn’t expect. Education is a path that can lead to unexpected places, so it’s important to be organized and open-minded. There are many online resources that can help with career research. There are many publications that provide information about multiple industries, such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook. The handbook provides analysis about a job field’s recent past as well as current trends and future predictions. These industry projections are done on a 10-year scale. There is another reputable federal source of job information: CareerOneStop. Doing job searches on trusted websites and search engines can provide lots of valuable information. Keeping a close eye on the similarities among the data can help point out clues in employment. It’s important that educational opportunities don’t suffer because of a recession. In fact, now is a great time to earn a degree to prepare for the demands that will rise. As long as women bare the brunt of tough financial times it’s important to provide resources to help them cope. The education grants for moms do just that.

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