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Looking at becoming an International student in Russia?  It couldn’t be easier.  The process for applying is very straightforward and can be done mostly online.  Following the online application on this site makes the process less stressful.  Why would you want to study in Russia?  International students in Russia find they receive not only a great education, but also get to experience a new and different culture and language, thereby providing them with many more opportunities to their peers who chose to remain in their own country to study.


Russian Universities are world class, and you will find that they offer a great many courses suitable for the International student in Russia.  You may worry that the courses are not the same as you could study back home.  Please do not worry, all the courses in Russian Universities are accredited by WHO, the European Union and worldwide education authorities.  This means that any course you study in a Russian University will have the same quality as studying the course in another country.


The most well known and most popular courses offered in Russian Universities are the courses for Engineering and Medicine.  Many International students in Russia are studying for their degrees in Medicine or Engineering.  These courses are no longer than in any other European or US university, but they are world class and recognised everywhere.  Russian Universities have many faculties, most are obviously around the specialities of Medicine and Engineering.  With the many different stems of medicine you will find there is a faculty for it.


You will find there are lots of International students in Russia.  Some wonder why this is, it’s simple.  International students like to apply to Russia because of the standard of education, the fact it is usually more cost effective than studying the same course in their home country, and of course the chance to mix in a new and varied culture that is different from their own.  Also by being an International student in Russia, you will find that this gives you advantages over your peers when it comes to employment, as you will have the experience of living in a different country for the period of your study.  This shows future employers that you are not scared of taking risks, and have studied somewhere different to your home.


You may be worried about the language barrier.  Don’t be.  The courses that International students in Russia study are mostly taught in English.  You can opt to study in Russian, but you would first need to complete a one year language course if you want to go this route.  Because you are living amongst other students and mixing with the Russian people, you will find that it won’t be long before you can actually get by with some Russian.  You are not expected to be fluent in Russian if you are not studying your course in it, you are bound to pick up some of the language as you go through your course (by shopping in the shops for example).  This is another reason why there are so many International students in Russia, they love the challenge of living in another country to their own, and it grows their confidence and independence.



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