Celebrate the New Year in Russian Chat Rooms

It’s almost time to celebrate the New Year and the question is whether you have taken steps to find someone to celebrate with! Have you developed a great relationship with a Russian woman in a Russian chat room for instance?  Is it an ongoing relationship or a new one? Either way the New Year offers you a great chance to develop or expand an online relationship.


The New Year in Russian

Just like in North America, the Russian New Year is celebrated on the first day of the year which is January 1. In Russia, the New Year is celebrated with family and traditions are called upon to make the day special. If you really want to make a good impression online, you can research the traditions and then let your online Russian woman friend know you are familiar with them. This lets the women know you are serious about meeting the right woman and are willing to contribute fully to the relationship.

Can you imagine her surprise when you tell her you know about the Novogodnaya Yolka? This is the New Year celebration tree that is topped by a shining star. The tree is decorated with sweet homemade treats that use traditional family recipes.


Meet Father Frost

There are plenty of New Year traditions in the Russian culture and maybe of them will be familiar to Western men. In fact, that gives you the perfect conversation topic. You can compare traditions with Russian women and find common ground. It’s fun and a great way to break the ice or to get to know someone much better.

You will want to let your Russian lady know that you are familiar with Father Frost. Called Ded Moroz, he and his granddaughter Snegurochka are traditional characters that represent an old tradition. Snegurochka is known as the snow girl.

Father Frost and Snegurochka carry gifts to Russian boys and girls to celebrate the New Year. The presents are placed under the Novogodnaya Yolka. Sound familiar? It is similar to the Western tradition of placing gifts under a Christmas tree. The holiday is marked by music, homemade treats and celebration.


Family Are to be Honored

Russian ladies are family oriented.  That is just one reason why the New Year day celebration is so important. It is the perfect time to get together with family and enjoy the many food and cultural traditions. Just like in the Western culture, people may travel many miles to join family for the celebration. Women take great joy in cooking traditional family recipes.

The message is that there are plenty of common traditions between Russian and Western cultures. Just as you enjoy family on the New Year day the Russian women are enjoying traditions and family in their own country.  The New Year day meal in the evening in Russia includes traditional meats, vegetables, potatoes and celebratory champagne. Music is played and everyone is in a festive mood. Does this sound familiar too?

Here is something else that will sound familiar. Russian families enjoy ending the New Year’s day with fireworks. It is an old tradition. You can chat with your Russian woman and compare notes on fireworks. It is just another thing you have in common.


Think of the Future

In Russia, they believe in fortune telling. When the New Year arrives, it is only normal to wonder what it will hold. Many Russian ladies ask a fortune teller to predict their futures and what they really hope is that it holds love.

As the New Year approaches, it is time to think about how you can fill your future with love. Learn about the Russian New Year and then find nice women in the Russian online chat rooms you can share traditions with. When the women discover you are serious about learning the traditions of their country, get ready for love!

When you visit  http://RussianWomenChat.ca, you will be able to meet Russian women in Russian chat rooms. This will allow you the opportunity to learn more about your potential future bride in a safe and low cost way. In fact, this might even be easier than the typical dating scene in your hometown.

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